Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines

Entrepouch FAQs

Q: How do I order?
A: You have two options:

  • Order online
    • Step 1: Add-to-cart the packaging that you want to purchase.
    • Step 2: Check out: fill in your name, address, and contact number.
    • Step 3: Click Complete Order and make your necessary payment through credit card or bank deposit
    • Step 4: Receive your order door-to-door (address anywhere in the Philippines).
  • Visit shop to purchase items directly

Q: Is delivery free nationwide?
A: No, shipping fee is shouldered by the customer. Our advice is to purchase more at each time to save on shipping fees.

Q: What courier do you use?
A: We use different courier depending on the location of delivery. But we can accommodate requests of customers for their preferred shipping/courier company.

Q: Can you deliver even if order is only 100 pcs.?
A: Yes, we can ship your ordered item even if order is only 100 pcs. The customer shoulders the shipping fee.

Q: How many grams can fit in each pouch?
A: The size of our pouch is based on the dimension (length x width), and it cannot be based on weight, simply because each product has differing density. For example, 500 grams of sugar may fit in an 18*26 cm pouch but 500 grams of popcorn will definitely not fit in the same pouch.

Q: Where is your office located?
A: We are located in Unit 107 Pearl of the Orient Tower, Roxas Blvd. corner P. Faura St., Ermita, Manila. We are right across the U.S. embassy and beside Emerald Restaurant. You can see our map location here:

Q: How do I seal the pouches? Do I need a machine?
A: You can use any type of heat sealing machine (hand sealer, foot sealer, impulse sealer, band sealer)—refer to photo below. Even the kraft pouches can be sealed with these heat sealing machines since all pouches have either PE lining or Foil lining.


Q: What products can I put inside the pouches?
A: You can put any type of product (food and non-food) inside the pouch since our pouches have an SGS certificate which verifies its food gradability.