Stand Up Pouch

Know the Effective Benefits of Stand Up Pouches for Packaging

For better product promotion, protection, and sales, more and more brands are forgoing rigid packaging in favor of flexible stand up pouches. Get plastic wrapper solutions in Philippines from Entrepouch.

And there are several good reasons for this shift. All the way from manufacturing to purchasing, custom stand-up pouches provide numerous advantages to buyers and sellers alike. The top benefits of stand up pouches that our clients love are as follows:

  1. Versatility: Stand up pouches are not only long-lasting but also quite versatile, fitting a wide range of products in terms of size, shape, and weight. There is a wide range of products that can be packaged in them. These include food items like nuts, supplements, fishing gear, pet food, cosmetics, and many more.
  2. Less Costly: Making the switch to reusable bags and other forms of flexible packaging is not rocket science. Assuming you're trying to save money on supplies, The cost per unit of rigid packaging is three to six times higher than that of flexible packaging. The cost of flexible packaging is approximately double that of printed folding cartons. Your company will greatly benefit from using stand up barrier pouches instead of a stiff alternative.
  3. Convenient: For the simple reasons that pouches are impervious to punctures and breakage, lightweight, and easy to carry. Thus, they can withstand more rigorous handling and shipping conditions without suffering harm to the goods or losing inventory. Your customers can rest secure knowing they can take their goods in stand up pouch packaging with them wherever they go.
  4. Safety of Products: Stand-up pouches provide superior barrier protection from the elements and help food retain its freshness for a longer time. Several specialty films offer further protection against moisture, pollutants, UV radiation, and other environmental conditions; puncture-resistant films are one option for transit protection.


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